Why most people struggle to reduce weight permanently in spite of their strict diet and exercise regime?

Som Prakash
3 min readNov 3, 2020

How to reduce your weight not to gain it back again.

Obesity is a major problem in modern society and the primary cause of various diseases today. There are various weight management and diet programmes such as Atkins, Keto, Paleo to name a few. However, in most cases, they FAIL to solve the problem PERMANENTLY. Most people reduce their weight to gain it back in few months or in few years.

Why is it so? Why only a few people gain the permanent freedom from obesity leaving the others to keep trying different diet plans and yoga/exercises?

Mind And Body

The reason lies in the fact that when our mind and body are not at sync, our body eventually comes back to the state where its compatible with the mind. It’s the same logic why a lot of people struggle to quit smoking, in spite of their best efforts.

In our mind we carry an image of ours, which we call SELF-IMAGE. It’s usually all our beliefs and notions about who we are and what we can or can’t do. It’s called our sub-conscious mind which controls our conscious mind. If deep within my mind, I believe that I am not good at public speaking, when I drag myself on to the stage to speak with sheer determination, I may freeze on stage. The reason is- the dominant mind (SUBCONSCIOUS MIND) has not yet accepted the new identity of mine — which is “I could speak comfortable on stage in front of thousands of people”.

So, how could this be fixed? How could I make my mind to accept that I could be a good public speaker or I could cut down my weight, or I could quit smoking or anything that you want to accomplish?

These three simple steps will help you.

1- Create your new identity in mind

2- Attach feelings around the new identity

3- Meditate on Your new identity minimum twice everyday

So, if you want to reduce weight never to gain it back again, you need to first create an image of yours in your mind with the perfect weight. Having that ideal body. With your eyes closed you could visualize yourself having that perfect body.

The second step is to attach various FEELINGS to your new self-image. “Feelings” are quite important and is the ONLY language your sub-conscious mind understands. So, if you want to reduce weight, invoke the feeling of happiness, gratitude, feeling of pride in your meditation. As you visualize your newer self, feel the happiness and how proud you are of your accomplishment. How do you feel when your friends and relatives come and congratulate you of your newer look?

The third step is when you discipline yourself to meditate and live your new identity every day. The best time for your meditation is before you go to sleep i.e the time when your conscious mind is least active, and subconscious mind is open for suggestions. The more time you stay at your desired state or your new identity, the faster you will get the result.

The above steps bring your body and mind to the same state. Earlier, probably you have been only disciplining your body with strict diet and exercises to cut down weight, without the new mental image in your mind. Now, you are also bringing your mind to the same desired state as your physical body wanting to do. This creates an absolute harmony between mind and body which creates the long term success.



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